Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lending a Helping Hand

Today is my turn to post.  I had a really good post ready about March and Cerebral Palsy awareness month.

But yesterday another blogger reached out.  A woman with a medically fragile child is looking for answers. For support.

Sometimes we don't have all the answers. Heck, most days I can't even answer why we don't have matching socks around here.

 Today I am going to post this link. I would encourage you to read it and share it. I know, I know. If there is one thing I dislike is being asked to share.  And then feel guilty because small zebras in Africa suffered because of you being a small minded person  and not sharing their plight.  But I promise no zebras will come after you and neither will I:).  

If you know anyone who can help this family or have any answers for them you can contact them through the blog link or you can find their face book page.here

You can find the blog link here.  The blog is called "Cause Caden Can if you have trouble with the links. I hope that you take a few minutes and read about this woman's journey. Having a daughter with so many of those medical conditions my heart goes out to her and I hope that somewhere there are answers to her many questions.  Because alone we can only do so much, but together we are an amazing group of parents and we can help each other stand strong.

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Amy Fields is a mother to two special and amazing kiddos!  You can follow her at her blog Many Kinds of Families.


  1. Amy...Thank you so much for helping me share my son's story. It brightened an other wise dismal day here in the hospital with my son. When I read what you wrote for him, he smiled. I know he knows there are so many people trying to help him. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart :)

  2. many prayers and good thoughts for that sweet child and his mama