Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, there’s no denying it: he’s graduating. Next week, on the 18th of June, to be exact.

How did we get here so fast?

I’ve written here about the pain of senioritis, and how his imminent leaving-home has been impacting my emotional state – exacerbating my grief that Katie isn’t here to share in the festivities, and won’t be here to raise when David leaves. That’s in addition to the normal emotions that arise when the first-born is about to leave home. David is the firstborn, and now, he’s also the last - as my mom likes to joke (she’s an only child, herself) – he’s now become “the Alpha and the Omega.”

We have been attending awards banquets, which remind us of the many beautiful qualities that David embodies, and shares with his world, on a daily basis. He’s been nominated for, and has received, some lovely accolades, including a (partial) academic scholarship to a fine university.

We’re thankful for the gift of David in our lives, and we admire him.

With his graduation come new opportunities for me, and new challenges of heart and mind. Shall I finally put that book together? Shall I continue speaking for non-profit organizations, or take a break from that? Every time I think of stopping, another invitation to speak arises. I am happy to serve, but sometimes the speaking takes a toll. The story I’m asked to tell includes blessing and valuable life-lessons, but it doesn’t have “a happy ending.” I mean, it doesn’t have an ending yet, and it’s not all a happy story. But much can be learned from it (and funds raised for good causes), so I keep on saying “yes.”

I would love to have a deep, insightful posting for you here, but I don’t. Today, I’m filled with gratitude, joy, nostalgia, and peace in the awareness that one phase of my job is coming to a close, and another is about to begin. Many questions remain open for answers, but they don’t need an answer in this moment. In this moment, I am resting in joy and gratitude for David’s presence in our lives.

I pray that the end of the school year is filled with blessings for your family, too.


  1. This post is, indeed, hopeful Karen. You have done well -- as a mother to your boy and your girl, as a wife and daughter and friend. I look forward to hearing about what comes next and wish you the very best! Congratulations and onward!

  2. This post IS insightful, Karen. It's a wonderful reminder that sometimes we don't have the answers. Nor do we need to have them. Sometimes, just being where we are —whatever that looks like— is the right thing.
    Wishing you a joyful celebration of David's graduation and entering a new phase of his young life as you enter a new phase of yours, too.

  3. Karen,
    First off, hearty congratulations on a wonderful, even if bittersweet, time for your family.
    Second, please appreciate that college is not the end of child-rearing, just a different phase. You will still be able to provide David with lots of parentlng, and advise him through the new challenges in his life. My second chlid is half way through college and I am often joking that he is "not done" yet! LOL! PLENTY of parenting still coming from me. You will come to know and host his new college friends. Colleges have LONG vacations, so he should be home plenty, even if no longer every day.
    Wishing you more good times ahead, whatever you do,